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Why Kamleshwar Solar Energy...?
Kamleshwar Solar Street light

Across the world, Solar powered lighting is gaining momentum. With the latest technological advancements, solar street lighting system is being widely preferred as the best alternative for the illumination of streets, cross roads, forest area and buildings which are located in areas where electricity is not available. Kamleshwar, the reputed name in solar products, now brings highly efficient solar LED street lights to illuminate our life, with new found advantages. By clearly assessing your particular needs, we assist and provide you with a well configured, efficient and reliable product, designed for your specific street lighting application.

Following reasons could be stated to prefer the Solar Energy.

1) Solar Energy is free of cost.
2) Solar Energy needs no operation.
3) Solar Energy needs no electricity, LPG gas or fire woods.
4) Solar Energy Provides instant and continuous supply of hot water.
5) No fear of short circuit or any accidents.
6) One time proper installation and proper maintenance gives Solar Heater long life.

Calculation of Energy Saving b 100 LPD Solar Water Heating System at 60 Degree ℃

Fuel Calorific Value (k. calikg) Efficiency (%) Fuel Saved (
FIRE WOOD 4708 17.3 2127
KEROSENE 9122 50.0 380
LPG 10882 60.0 265
CHARCOAL 6940 28.0 891
DIESEL 10004 75 231
ELECTRICITY ------ 90 2230 KWH

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