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Why Kamleshwar Solar Water Heater


Always believing in new developments and changes for positive purpose, Kamleshwar Solar Water Heaters are manufactured and fabricated from very high grade of material under qualified engineers recommendation and inspection at our own factory.

Key Technical Details for Vacuum Tube System:

Tube : Outer Diameter – 58MM
Tube : Inner Diameter – 47MM
Tube Length : 1800MM / 2100MM
Material : Glass tube – 1.6 Borosilicate glass 3.3
Absorptance : >92% (AM 1.5)
Emission : <8% (80)
Vacumm : P<5 X 10° PA
Stagnation Temperature : >200
Heat Loss : <0.8 W/59M
Maximum Strength : 0.8 MPA

The Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Solar Water System is more efficient than Flat Plate Collector (FPC) system because of the shape of Glass Tubes (Round Shape).

Evacuated Tube Collector System has a benefit over Flat Plate Collector that Sun’s Rays fall perpendicular on the ETC Tubes throughout the day, which is not in case of PFC. Hence it directly helps to get high temperature water as compared to PFC System

Also, because of the Vacuum in between the glass of the tubes, heat loss at night is low, when the temperature is pretty low. This helps the System to maintain its temperature overnigh

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