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Kamleshwar Solar Power System
Kamleshwar Solar is know in the market as the leading Solar Pack System manufacture and supplier in all over India. Our Solar power packs are specially meant for areas there is a scarcity of electricity. We always provide production which uses best materials available in the industry. Our team always tests these products as per the interactional standards of quality to ensure high durability and long life span. Our clients are highly satisfied with the customized version of these products. These systems are also very easy to operate and install.

The main components of a Solar Power
Solar Panel Array
PCU (Inverter + Charge controller)
Battery bank S
upport structure for modules

Diagram of Typical off grid solar power pack
The vision of using solar energy technology is to fulfil electricity requirement for both commercial and residential purpose, harnessing green energy and saving of expensive conventional fuels. Being a solar solution Provider in India, we work with a mission of marketing affordable solar system in india.

Low maintenance, Easy to install No pollution - eco friendly Low power costs Long Life
Reliable Custom built Power packs are possible  
Supply without any interruption for the predetermined period  

Proposed Model based on uses

Model / Capacity Lights Fans Television Computer Hours Back Up Shadow free
USSP400VA 40W X 3 Nos 75W X 3 Nos     4 to 5 5
USSP600VA 40W X 5 Nos 75W X 4 Nos.     4 to 5 7.5
USSP800VA 40W X 5Nos 75W X 4 Nos. 32” LED of
70W X 1 No
17” Monitor
90W X 1 No
4 to 5 10
USSP1000VA 40W X 6 Nos 75W X 6 Nos. 32” LED of
70W X 2 No
17” Monitor
90W X 1 No
4 to 5 12.5
USSP1500VA 40W X 10 Nos 75W X 7 Nos. 32” LED of
70W X 4 Nos
17” Monitor
90W X 2 Nos
4 to 5 18
USSP3500VA 40W X 20 Nos 75W X 14 Nos. 32” LED of
70W X 4 Nos
17” Monitor
90W X 4 Nos
4 to 5 36
USSP5000VA 40W X 32 Nos 75W X 30 Nos. 32” LED of
70W X 4 Nos
17” Monitor
90W X 4 Nos
4 to 5 60

Calculation based on information available from supplier of appliance. It may differ from shown figures. Please consult technical person before selection of model. Above models available in single phase, Technical specification may be available on request. Higher capacity is available as per requirement.

Proposed Model based on uses
“ Kamleswar” solar Water Pumping Systems is a stand - alone systems operating on power generated by Solar Photovoltatic Panels. The power generated by solar panels is used for operating Solar Submersible pump for lifting water from open well, water reservoir or tube well for irrigation and drinking water purpose. The systems requires a shadow-free area for installation of Solar Panels.

The beauty of using photovoltaic (PV) Panels and a solar pumping systems is you get water delivery when you tend to need it most,
when the sun is shining full blast! A solar water pumping systems is ideal in remote locations where there is uneven or no grid electricity

System Components Special Feature of Solar Powered Pump
Solar Photovoltaic Panels Stand & Accessories.
Solar Photovoltaic Panels.
High Efficient solar Hybrid inverter for A.C. submersible pump.
Robust design and construction.
Optional manual tracking.
Simple installation and maintenance.
Highly reliable.
Applications Benefits
Village Water Supply.
Livestock Watering.
Water supply to remote homes/agriculture.
No conventional grid electricity required.
Highly reliable and durable.
Eco - Friendly.
Long operating life.
Easy to operate and maintain.
No fuel coast - uses abundantly available free solar energy.

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